SACKit Patio Stand XL inkl. wine bucket
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SACKit Patio Stand XL inkl. wine bucket

Varenr: 8583616
960,00 DKK ekskl. moms
1.200,00 DKK inkl. moms

Indoor/outdoor Accessory Stand incl. stainless steel beverage cooler

SACKit Pati o Accessory Stand is an indoor/outdoor stand in powder-coated stainless steel that is created in a simple design
and functi ons as a natural extension of SACKit Wine Bucket, which is an elegant wine cooler and ice bucket that can be used
both inside and outside. The wine bucket has a two-layer constructi on, which will keep your wine cold for the whole evening.


Wine Bucket: Measurements: Ø27 x 23cm. Ø22 at the bott om. Volume: 9L. Stainless steel.
Accessory stand: Measurements: Ø27 x 38cm. Powder coated stainless steel.